God Of War Steelbook Runes Have Been Translated, What Do They Say?

If you recently bought God Of War with steel bookcase, you might be wondering what’s written on the back of it and what it means. The back cover has a runic text engraved on it which has a special message which was discovered and translated by a Reddit user.

According to him, the rune reads

“This is the story of a bear and a wolf, who wandered the realms nine to fulfill a promise of one before; they walk the twilight path, destined to discower (discover) the truth that is to come.”

Redditor suggests that these runes belong to Elder Futhark dialect which is one of the oldest forms of runic alphabets. The time period of these alphabets is from 2nd to 8th centuries which were lost until 1865 when it was deciphered by Norwegian scholar known as Sophus Bugge.

The text translated can’t be considered as a complete translation instead it is written as the closest word corresponding to the other language.

As for the text translated by the Reddit user, it means that bear and wolf refers to Kratos and Atreus which are on a journey to fulfil the promise Atreus made to his mother. The last part “Truth that is to come” hints us about the next part, a prophecy and what is to be revealed.

We don’t know whether it really means all that but it really tells Santa Monic has really worked hard to give the best they can to the players by bringing such secret language throughout the game.

It’s been just a few days since the God Of War has been released and everyone can’t stop talking about what a beautiful masterpiece this game is. Game developers have Tweeted about the God Of War which includes big names like Naughty Dog, Remedy Games, Insomniac games and many more.