God of War Prototype Video Shows The Greenlight Version

These past few months, especially these past few days, God Of War has been discussed almost everywhere on the Internet. The game has actually risen the benchmark of the gaming industry as a whole. During a launch live stream, PlayStation revealed the God of War Prototype Video which was pitched to Sony back in 2015.

The God of War Prototype Video was submitted in an effort to get a green signal on the project. The video has been made available to you.

In the prototype video we can see, that while a lot of things have been changed, a great many things have been kept in the game.

Most of the things in the God of War Prototype Video have found application in the final game. For example Atreus, son of Kratos, for which Cory Barlog had a tough time getting approved.

The quality of the prototype was pretty much below the standard set by the real game, considering it was pitched back in 2015. Though the final game has shown a significant improvement from the first prototype video, which was pitched to Sony.

There was a huge hype build up for this game and with the release, God Of War did not come short of any claim. In fact, it exceeded everyone’s expectation.