The Witcher TV Series Will Feature Just Eight Episodes, Netflix Focusing Quality

Netflix continues to make progress with a live-action adaptation for the Witcher in a brand new television series.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, lead writer and executive producer Lauren S. Hissrich revealed that the first season is likely going to feature just eight episodes in total.

While the run-time for each one was not revealed, the low number of episodes is probably going to leave fans a bit disappointed. Netflix, though, is placing all focus on sheer quality.

Hissrich assured that each episode will be tightly packed with action, rich characters, and amazing storytelling; basically what the eponymous video game franchise and novels have come to be revered for in the past decades. This will ensure that the television series does not “lag” in the middle of the season.

Hissrich also offered a tentative release window and the first episode could premiere as soon as early 2020. She made it clear once again that Netflix is moving quickly with everything but “quality comes before speed” for the Witcher.

In February, Hissrich confirmed that she had finished drafting a script for the pilot episode. Hence, there is the possibility that more episodes have been penned since then.

The television treatment for the Witcher was first announced last year. Netflix will be basing the episodes on the source materials by writer Andrzej Sapkowski and not the video game trilogy from CD Projekt RED. In this light, the pilot episode may possibly be based on “The Last Wish” from the saga and jump into the main storyline afterwards.

There is no word on the cast, leaving fans pretty anxious to see who will be playing the main characters. This includes the protagonist Geralt of Rivia, the two sorceress and love interests Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg, the adopted daughter Ciri, the bard Dandelion, and lastly, Emperor Emhyr.