New Microtransaction Rating Site Can Tell You What In-Game Purchases Games Have

Gamers might have an important new resource on their hands with the arrival of a new microtransaction rating site called, which rates games to see if they have microtransaction, paid DLC, and loot boxes to allow gamers to be more informed before they buy a game with those functions.

Microtransactions have received renewed scrutiny in the past year, as various games like Star Wars Battlefront 2, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and Destiny 2 have been heavily criticized for how heavily microtransactions played into their games, much to the ire of fans of each game.

Destiny 2 earned the dislike of many of its players when they were the reward for leveling up, and many other microtransaction-focused mechanics like shaders being one-time use and only available to use on one segment of armor. Shadow of War‘s microtransactions focused on players gaining loot chests and unlocking powerful captains despite it being an almost entirely single player game, and Battlefront 2 turned what could have been a smash hit for EA into an initial sales bomb because players didn’t appreciate the huge grind or the expense needed to unlock popular characters.

While all of these microtransaction faux pas have since been fixed, it still doesn’t change that someone thought a microtransaction rating site was necessary. The website will likely provide a valued service to people who don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised, especially if can also figure out how severe the purchases are.

While the watchfulness might fade in time like what happened the last time microtransactions became unbearable, hopefully gamers will be a lot more watchful in the future if another game tries to implement those predatory sorts of microtransactions and raise a proper stink if they can.

Either way, you can reach via this link, and can use it to to be sure that you won’t get taken advantage of by a game.