God Of War Patch 1.11 Released, Aspect Ratio Fixed

God Of War is one of those games that needs no introduction. This much-hyped and well-anticipated game rolled out yesterday and it seems to have preceded everyone’s expectations. Although there was an issue of aspect ratio which most of the players were experiencing, for which God Of War Patch 1.11 has been released.

It didn’t take Sony Santa Monica Studio much time, to roll out this God Of War Patch, which is a good sign that implies that developers are on top of everything.

That said if you playing the game and have been experiencing issues related to aspect ratio, like the screen has black bars on all sides so something similar. Then you are in luck as this God Of War Patch 1.11 aims to specifically fix that aspect ratio.

That said, you can also fix it in the TV settings or from PlayStation 4 directly, still for quality assurance this new update has fixed the problem from the game.

There have been multiple updates already for the game, some even before God Of War actually released. So those who were not able to keep track of these various updates, the last God Of War Patch was 1.10 and the latest one now is the patch 1.11.

Before the release of the game, everyone was very skeptical about the change Santa Monica Studio was bringing to the game.

Now that it has released, those fears have gone down the drain. The game is a cinematic masterpiece, various developers and publishers can now taste what an original singleplayer, story-driven game feels like.

With all that said, just before the game release, NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella shared his expectation about the game and seems like his expectations will perhaps follow through.

God Of War is now exclusively available for PS4.

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