Resident Evil Laser Hallway Gets A Remake In Far Cry 5, Available Through Game’s Arcade

Since its release Far Cry 5 has been topping the charts, recently it stuck for three weeks in a row as number 1 on the UK charts. While the game is a hot favorite, recently a fan has recreated the Resident Evil Laser Hallway scene from the movie into Far Cry 5.

Laser hallway moment is one of those moments that fans never forget, and a user who goes by the name Daemon Knight has recreated that hallway moment in Far Cry 5. He has also uploaded a video while playing the game.

If you remember laser hallway scene properly, its the place where a member of the team got completely sliced into pieces. Well, nothing of that sort takes place in this recreation but it does certainly remind you of it.

The best part is, that experiencing it for a few moments in the Far Cry 5 visuals is really interesting and captivating.

This is a Resident Evil Hive map created by Daemon Knight and is available through the game’s Arcade. There is just a minor pinch though, apparently, it is only available on Xbox One.

You can check out the clip of this juicy bit by heading on down to Reddit or you may view it via Arcade.

That being said, it’s not a complete recreation, since the lasers in this recreation apparently don’t do damage. So you won’t get to see the player cut into slices.

Still, it’s a fine work, and it will certainly give you a nostalgic feeling.

Talking about Far Cry 5, did you know that it only took 19 days for Far Cry 5 to get cracked by CPY. Seems like all those triple layer protection coatings lasted them a few days.

That being said, do let us know what you think of this Resident Evil Laser Hallway remake in Far Cry 5.