Nintendo Switch Pokemon Release Date Might Be November Or December

A Nintendo Switch Pokemon release date might end up being in November or December according to an industry insider’s recent release on Twitter. The rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pokemon game have been circulating for months, and now we seem close to finding out about this supposed new game.

The insider statement, which came from a Twitter user who goes by Pixelpar, said that localization of materials has been going on since late February, possibly even earlier, and if that’s true then it’s likely that the materials are still being worked on even now. Of course, we still don’t truly know if this insider rumor is true, since they’ve been wrong before.

Pixelpar has also said a number of other things that are still related to the Nintendo Switch Pokemon game, such as it being called “Project Beluga” for now, and it’s all we’ll be getting until the game is announced at E3, hopefully sometime this year.

The last Pokemon game that we got was Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which while adding a new story arc to the original Sun and Moon games, didn’t really add much to the game as a whole. Hopefully if it’s true, the Nintendo Switch Pokemon game will give us a whole new generation to play around in, even though it’s only been two years since Sun and Moon came out and the last gap between games was Pokemon X and Y.

Either way, hopefully what we get on the Nintendo Switch will be a brand new mainline Pokemon game, rather than a side game like what’s normally released on actual consoles rather than Nintendo handhelds. But we’ll have to wait for Nintendo to actually announce it, either at E3 or during some other Direct event.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep our eyes open for more information.