New PUBG Event Now Live, Firing A Flare Gun Gets You Heavily Armored UAZ

The New PUBG Event is now live, the event is known as armored jeep event. So you can certainly estimate what it will bring. New PUBG event is now live and will end on April 22 at 19:00 PDT.

This week’s event takes place in Erangel, and features up to 12 squads of eight players. It introduces a flare gun which the players can use and get that armored jeep.

Firing the flare gun will provide you one of the two benefits. It depends on your location. If you are inside the safe zone, then you will be rewarded with a supply drop.

Although if you are not in the safe zone, firing off that flare will reward you with that heavily armored UAZ jeep. The offer outside the safe zone is pretty tempting and seems like players will now purposely remain outside and fire that flare in order to get that Jeep.

We do not know whether the players will be able to fit in the entire eight-person squad into one jeep or not, though if it is possible it would be really cool.

Either way, this new vehicle will certainly step up the game, as it will reduce the fires you get when in the jeep. Plus it would be an advantage over others as well. Although you would have to risk yourself to be outside the blue zone.

That being said, have you heard about the upcoming Savage Map? Which is in the works. Although the map release is still a few months afar what it promises is something that every fan is looking forward to.

The upcoming Savage Map will receive an underground complex cave system and on top of that, players will be able to parachute directly into the heart of the cave.