Cory Barlog: God Of War Almost Didn’t Feature Any Cutscene

God Of War has launched with a great critical reception as the game has become the highest rated PS4 title in the process. The game is being praised for its story and combat, however, the game almost didn’t feature any cutscenes.

This is according to the game director Cory Barlog who revealed in an interview that the initial pitch for the game was to have a no-cut camera and also he didn’t want any cutscene in the game.

According to Barlog, the reason why he didn’t want cutscenes in God Of War was that he didn’t think cinematics are necessary for a narrative but the world itself should be the narrative. He added that soon after he realized that it was “too hard” to make the game without the cinematics.

For me the narrative is not the cinematics, the narrative is the world. The initial pitch was, not only do I want to have a no-cut camera, so it would be a single shot all the way through the game, but I also didn’t want to have any cinematics.

technical showcase for the base PlayStation 4, however, game’s 4K mode on PS4 Pro is not up to par. While the 4K mode for God Of War on PS4 Pro does improves the image quality using checkerboard 4K rendering but, it fails to maintain a steady 30 FPS while in combat and exploration.

Furthermore, Sony Santa Monica has confirmed the photo mode for God Of War, however, the photo mode will be added with a future update to the game.

Not only that, Analysts have high expectations from the game as one analyst has predicted that God Of War will raise the bar for the franchise even further. According to the analyst, the game ” is set to have the biggest exclusive debut for PlayStation 4.”

God Of War is a third-person action game developed by Sony Santa Monica exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: NewsWeek