Soon You Will Be Able To Skip Miramar Map With PUBG Map Selection Feature

PUBG is one of the most popular games out there, however, the game is not without its flaws as despite coming out of the early access there are still bugs in the game and it doesn’t give the option to play the game on your favorite map but, that is about to change as PUBG Map Selection feature is coming soon.

According to the developers, the PUBG map selection feature will soon hit the test server which is a good thing since many players have been asking for this feature for quite some time.

In an announcement on Steam, PUBG Corp admitted that map selection is a feature that players have been asking for some time and the studio needed to sort out some problems before including it in the game.

This would come as a relief for players who don’t particularly like the desert map including myself as currently the game randomly selects the map for players to play in and sometimes the desert map is selected multiple times in succession.

Speaking of the game, Brendan Greene has revealed that the red zone might be removed from the game only if players want it to.

While the red zone is generally thought a useless but according to Greene, the red zone brings a new strategic dimension but, added that he is open to remove it if the players want it.

Not only that, the Savage map is also getting underground cave system. The studio has revealed that soon they will be adding an underground cave system to the upcoming Savage map and players will be able to directly parachute into the cave system. Furthermore, the studio will be adding new weapons.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is multiplayer battle royale game developed PUBG Corp. for PC and is currently in preview on Xbox One.

Source: Steam