PlayStation 5 And The Next Xbox Might Not See Full Hardware Upgrades, Will Be Supported Like iPhone

Game developers have been talking and discussing the follow-ups to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with some predicting that Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft will be rolling out cloud-based consoles, however, one developer has suggested that the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox from Sony and Microsoft respectively could be iterative ones instead of a completely new hardware.

This is according to Earthfall developer, Collin Moore, who noted while speaking with Gamingbolt, that with the launch of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X we might not see a full hardware upgrade and architectural change for PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox.

He further added that Sony and Microsoft might follow a formula followed by Apple for its cellphones.

With Sony and Microsoft expanding the line with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, we might just see continual evolution in the line rather than completely new boxes and architecture. We can see both follow a similar formula that Apple has with cell phones.

What it means is that Sony and Microsoft might be supporting their console like Apple supports its cell phones i.e iterative models of its iPhones that are supported for a long period of time.

However, according to Simul Software founder Roderick Kennedy, PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox will make a “big move” towards procedurally generated games.

He added that procedurally generated content is not limited by the computing power or memory bandwidth but, is limited by the way developers tend to use it.

I anticipate a big move towards procedural content in the next generation or two. The generation of content is not limited by computing power, space or even bandwidth so much as the human capital that’s expended in creating it.

What do you think? Will Sony and Microsoft ditch full hardware upgrades and architectural changes for the cloud-based or iterative consoles? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamingbolt