New Spiderman Villains Revealed Through Screenshots Of The Game

It wouldn’t be a superhero video game without the hero going through a significant portion of their rogues gallery, and the Spiderman video game is no exception. New Spiderman villains have been revealed in new screenshots, adding to Mr. Negative and Kingpin, who we’ve already seen in gameplay previews.

The two new villains that were shown off are Herman Schultz, otherwise known as Shocker in the Spiderman comics, and Norman Osborne, the real identity of one of Peter’s archenemies, the Green Goblin. We’ll likely be seeing these two at certain points in the game, but who knows exactly when.

The Green Goblin was a major antagonist in the first Sam Raimi Spiderman film, and his son Harry Osborne became the Green Goblin in the much-maligned Spiderman 3. Shocker, on the other hand, has never played a role in any Spiderman media before except for the comic books, so this will give gamers the ability to see what he’s capable of.

What exactly the two new villains will be doing in Insomniac’s own Spiderman game will hopefully be more than just a few cameos, possibly a villain team-up like what has happened to many a superhero in the past.

Or, considering that when we saw gameplay at E3 2017, they’ll only appear in the story for possibly one act before being imprisoned, much like Kingpin was in the preview. Either way, however this pans out hopefully Insomniac will be able to make an actual good Spiderman game, since there hasn’t been one of those in several years.

We still don’t really know the actual plot of the Insomnaic Spiderman game, just what we’ve seen in previews, but hopefully the new Spiderman villains that are being added to the game will be able to make it better. Spiderman will be coming exclusively to the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro on September 7.