Hellblade Developer Donates $25,000 To Mental Health America

Hellblade developer Ninja Theory has donated $25,000 to the Mental Health America foundation after selling 50,000 copies on the Xbox One in a week, now that the game has released on that platform. Hellblade was previously only on the Playstation 4 and PC before releasing onto the Xbox One last week.

Hellblade became notable among the gaming public for bringing awareness to schizophrenia and psychosis, as Ninja Theory had interviewed people that suffer from that mental condition (which often manifests as hearing voices and other symptoms that Senua suffers in the game) for accuracy’s sake. Now, since the game has met even more success by word-of-mouth on the Xbox One, Ninja Theory is giving back.

The Hellblade developer previously made a promise that they would also double their donation if they hit 100,000 copies sold by April 18, but unfortunately that didn’t happen by today, though hopefully Ninja Theory will donate that money anyway.

While Hellblade’s gameplay was simplistic, its primary strengths were its narrative and imagery, and its portrayal of Senua, particularly her various issues, helped to propel the story along. This all helped it to get very positive reviews and led to it breaking even with its development costs in three months, and that was nearly a year ago, back in November of 2017.

The Hellblade developer has also made other charitable donations to mental health organizations, such as donating the sales of all of the sales on World Mental Health Day to another charity in further recognition.

If you’re interested in Hellblade yourself and want to pick it up, the game is available on the Xbox One, the Playstation 4, and the PC, though you’ll have to look on each one’s respective marketplace or game client to get it as it’s only available digitally.

Either way, hopefully Ninja Theory developing such a masterpiece will mean that we have more games like this down the road.