Blood, Sweat and Tears Came A Long Way For God Of War, Cory Barlog Pleased With The Reviews

As soon as the review embargo lifted for God Of War, Cory Barlog the creative director of the game sat alone in his hotel room on a Thursday night in front of a computer to know what the critics had to say about the game.

Barlog wanted to be alone when checking what the critics had to say. Well, God Of War is “nothing short of a masterpiece” is what We Got This Covered had to say.

According to Easy Allies, not only God Of War feels like the next step for the franchise, perhaps it just might be a next step for the gaming industry as a whole.

The storytelling, the stunningly gorgeous world and the incredible combat all have been perfectly blended together which have made the game a masterpiece.

Since then, positive reviews have kept on rolling out from all directions and as soon as God Of War reached a whopping 95% aggregate score on Metacritic, it became this year’s best-reviewed game and also became the highest rated PS4 title.

That being said, for some critics, it is perhaps the best game ever made.

For Cory Barlog this was huge, it could not have been any better. His and the team’s hard work finally paid off. Barlog said, “I could not talk for six minutes”. “I was crying”.

Once he got a grip on his overwhelming emotions he went out for dinner and celebrated with a champagne.

That being said, there just might be a small news related to the game which you might not like. It seems to be that Cory Barlog has no intention for any reboot.

Apparently, he does not see any purpose for it. So those sitting out there with the expectation for a reboot can push that off the table for now.

With all that said, God Of War is scheduled to roll out on 20th April, unfortunately, in some regions of the world, the game has broken the street date.

Source: NZHerald