Black Ops 4 Vs Battlefield 5, Which is Better Suited For Battle Royale

With the ongoing craze of Battle Royale games, it seems even AAA titles are going to dip themselves and bask in the recent boom of this genre. It is being reported that Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5 both are going to feature a Battle Royale mode.

It is unconfirmed at this point but many sources claim that this is, in fact, going to happen. In the case of Black Ops 4, the developers are ditching the story mode in favor of multiplayer and a Battle Royale mode. Meanwhile, Battlefield 5 is going to feature Battle Royale on top of everything that already makes Battlefield great.

If all of this is true and both games are going to bring their Battle Royale modes, which one will be better? Well, in their own way both games can pull it off and are going to be very different experiences.

Call of Duty usually comes with small maps and fast-paced action. In case Black Ops 4 does come with a Battle Royale mode, it will be a small scale map with around 10 to 20 players on the map. Meanwhile, the real Battle Royale experience can be had thanks to Battlefield’s strategic, tactical, team-based gameplay style and large scale maps.

The game can already accommodate 64 players in the game so having 70 to 80 players for a Battle Royale mode doesn’t seem unlikely. However, it isn’t easy from a development standpoint but if anyone can put it off, it is EA DICE.

Call of Duty, on the other hand, would have to make drastic changes to its traditional design, adding bigger maps, making gameplay adjustment, but the biggest challenge would be acceptance from its community, especially, part of the community that loves Black Ops series for its story content, which is reportedly being scrapped.

It is easier for Battlefield to pull off a Battle Royale mode the right way but COD does have an opportunity reinvent this genre and give us something different from the traditional Battle Royale design.

Would you like to see a Battle Royale mode in Battlefield and Black Ops 4? Or do you think these games should stick to their strengths and not experiment with something that may not work?