Dark Souls 3 Final Boss Was Supposed to Be Pontiff Sulyvahn

It has been a few years now since Dark Souls 3 came out. Seems like no matter what we know about the game, the learning is always at a curve. According to an indie developer Lance McDonald, the Dark Souls 3 Final Boss was Pontiff Sulyvahn, based on the cut content.

Lance McDonald is an indie developer who has been laying series of truth bombs regarding the game from time to time.

Lance McDonald has recently made some Tweets in which he discussed the final boss of the game. Originally Dark Souls 3 ended in the Untended Graves.

According to him, there were three versions, referring to the second version he said that;

“The last boss you originally fought there was later renamed to “Pontiff Sulyvahn” and moved to a different map, but Pontiff Sulyvahn was absolutely the last boss.”

Then talking about the third version he said “Eventually the 3rd version was totally cut, as well as the entire system for changing time-of-day on the fly. They just build a whole new map for the final confrontation in the end.”

Furthermore, he added, that there were three states the Graves map could go into. First being “Default” second being “Eroded” and third being “Last Boss”.

So each state had a different boss. He further added that the Ceremony system was there to switch between these worlds states.

Substantiating to his word he added a Tweet with the maps seen in the game files. Which suggest that he is petty much accurate.

In addition to Lance McDonald’s word, another user also added the same, regarding the Dark Souls 3 Final Boss.

With all that said, for the hardcore Dark Souls fans this is something which they will certainly find interesting. Or perhaps they were already aware of it.

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