Upcoming Monster Hunter World Update 3.0 Patch Notes Released, New Armor, Map And More

For the upcoming Monster Hunter World Update version 3.0, Capcom has released the patch notes and seems like they are actually bringing a lot of changes in this update, as well as some new stuff.

Starting off with the patch, it is expected to weigh around 1.2 gigabytes on both PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One.

Based on the patch notes, the upcoming Monster Hunter World Update 3.0 will include a new map referred to as The Caverns of El Dorado, serving as Kulve Taroth‘s lair.

Although at this time we are not aware, whether accessibility will be under certain conditions or will the map be a part of the world as any regular area.

Some of the major changes have been listed below, or if you want to check out the patch notes for the game that too have been made available.

Major Additions and Changes

  • An Interface menu and an option called HUD/Help Text Size have been added under the Options menu on the title screen. You can now adjust HUD text size to be larger than the default size.
    To go along with this new option, the “Subtitle Text Size” option added in PS4 Ver 2.00/Xbox One has been moved from the in-game options menu to the title screen options menu.
  • You can now sell all Trade-in Items at once when selling items.
  • Pressing the Square button on PS4 or X button on Xbox One allows you to switch between the Decoration name and Skill name when setting decorations.
  • You can now preview armor at the Smithy even with Layered Armor equipped.
  • An update has been made to squad management so players who haven’t logged in for 30 days aren’t automatically kicked from the squad.
  • The Search Via Play History description text has been reworded to be easier to understand. The function itself has not changed.
    Previous: Search for an Online Session that you joined based on your play history.

These are just some of the major changes, there are a great many other changes, improvements and bugfixes that have been made, which are available in the patch notes.

Monster Hunter World is available on PS4 and Xbox One.