The CRYORIG C7 Cu Is A Full Copper Heatsink That Takes Up Very Little Space

CRYORIG has been making cooling solutions for some time now and here we have the CRYORIG C7 Cu which is an all copper heatsink. This is an SFF ITX cooler for small form factor builds. If you are interested in making a high-performance SFF build then the CRYORIG C7 Cu is something worth considering for your next build.

Using Copper, all in all, allows the CRYORIG C7 Cu to perform 15% as compared to the previous CRYORIG C7. This is no small achievement as SSF cases have little airflow and cooling can often be an issue for small form factor builds. What is even more impressive that the performance has been enhanced without increasing the size of the cooler itself.

Copper has twice the thermal conductivity of Aluminum but is also three times as expensive. This is the price PC enthusiasts will have to pay in order to keep their SFF PC temperature in check. The new CRYORIG C7 Cu uses no Aluminum at all and the metal has been replaced with Copper instead for higher heat dissipation.

The cooler can be used with AMD and Intel CPUs, so compatibility is not an issue. Other than that a 92mm fan is included out of the box which will be in charge of the airflow for the cooler. The CRYORIG C7 Cu will be released in April so stay tuned to SegmentNext for more information regarding the cooler and how well it performs as compared to the competition.

The price for the cooler is set at MSRP $49.95, which is not too bad for a quality product like this. We will have to wait and see how well it performs but for now, things look pretty good on paper.

Let us know what you think about the CRYORIG C7 Cu and whether or not this is something that you would be interested in getting for yourself.