Upcoming Spiderman PS4 To Get Two Prequel Books Before The Actual Game Rolls Out

Titan Books is collaborating with Marvel and Insomniac games, in order to publish two tie-in books for the upcoming Spiderman PS4 game.

The first book that will be released is known as “Spiderman: Hostile Takeover”. Which will serve as a prequel to the events of the game. Same will be for the second book.

Mainly both of these books will be clearing the path of the storyline for the game. Considering there have been a lot of questions and concerns regarding how the story of the game will turn out to be.

To which the creative director and the writer of the game did shed light, still it seems like releasing these two books to serve as a prequel, before the actual Spiderman PS4 game rolls out is a good move.

According to Polygon, these two books will be “leading the players directly into the beginning of the game.” The first book “Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover” features some of the most famous characters, that are friends and foes of Spiderman.

Some of the known characters it will feature are; Shocker, Echo, the Blood Spider, J. Jonah Jameson, Mary Jane Watson, and Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin.

The writer of the book is David Liss who is a well-established writer, known for his publications; The Ethical Assassin and Black Panther: The Man Without Fear.

Focusing more on the book, what we know is that the book shall attempt to reveal “Kingpin’s plan to gain an iron grip in the New York City.”

With that, the book will try to establish relationships as well as details, between characters which shall continue in the game.

That being said, these books will also be joining Titan’s line of game-based art books as well.

The first novel Spiderman: Hostile Takeover is scheduled to release on 21st August 2018, which is just a few weeks before the release of the Spiderman PS4 scheduled to roll out on September 7.