Phil Spencer Is Reassuring Gamers About Xbox One Exclusives

One of the most visible flaws to the Xbox One is a lack of any Xbox One exclusives, or at least any ones that people actually want to play. In contrast to the Xbox 360 days when Microsoft ruled the roost, the Playstation 4 has a large number of great games, more than Xbox does.

While the Playstation 4 has Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Bloodborne, and the upcoming God of War game that’s already getting rave reviews, the Xbox One is still being forced to rely on its staples, Halo and Gears of War. Many of its other exclusive games such as Sea of Thieves, ReCore, Cuphead, and more are also available on the PC, leaving it with fewer options than one might think.

However, Phil Spencer has reached out to gamers to have faith in Xbox One exclusives, saying that it’s a question of time as to when we’ll be getting great Xbox One games along the lines of Horizon, God of War, and Persona. Gears of War 4, for instance, was fairly successful on its release, and Halo is always guaranteed to sell a lot of copies. We’re also getting Crackdown 3, hopefully at some point soon.

The problem however is with both the number of Xbox One exclusives that are available, and their quality. While there have been a good number of both exclusive and timed exclusive Xbox games, very few of them actually stick in the memory, and those that do often fall victim to being franchised and run into the ground.

Hopefully Phil Spencer and Microsoft will be able to show us more Xbox One exclusives when E3 2018 rolls around, especially since Playstation is sure to bring more exclusive games to showcase, such as more information about Days Gone, a possible Death Stranding trailer, and who knows what else.

Either way, we’ll just have to see what Xbox will be doing over the next few years with Xbox One exclusives.