Nintendo Switch Is Making Big Appearances In Japanese Anime

Nintendo Switch is a very popular console in Japan with more than 4 Million units sold in the country. Another prominent appearance it is making is in the Anime shows which are really popular in Japan.

Anime is really popular in Japan they represent Japanese society and culture. Consoles have always made an appearance in different anime shows and even the console’s popularity can be seen in Japan from its appearance in the Japanese Anime series.

Even with it plagued with supply difficulties earlier, Nintendo Switch Sales and popularity continue to increase. The switch has got renewed supply so its available in the markets and its popularity can be seen easily now as it has started making appearances in various Anime shows and is recognized by Anime studios.

In last few months, Nintendo Switch is seen making occasional appearances in series like Eromanga Sensei and Yo-Kai Watch. Nintendo Switch is also seen making a clear and prominent appearance in the first episode of Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii known as Love is difficult for Otaku in English.

Nintendo Switch can be seen making appearances during many scenes of the series and it probably will keep increasing because they have recognized its popularity and demand.

Nintendo Switch replaced Sony PSP consoles which were used in Anime before the release of Nintendo Switch which was seen in the hands of characters while they are playing games.

Bringing Nintendo Switch as a new console after replacing Sony PSP is quite interesting to see. Previously PSP and PS VITA were quite popular, mostly used among ladies in Japan because of the larger otome game library which has always been bigger than of Nintendo’s.

Otome Game publishers will for sure notice the growing sales and popularity of the Switch console and might start considering it in their upcoming games.

Nintendo recently released a new update for Switch with some bug fixes and stability improvements.

Source: DualShockers