Marie’s Room Platinum Guide – How To Unlock All Achievements

The Marie’s Room Platinum Guide is for unlocking all the Trophies/Achievements in Marie’s Room. Since it is a game that does not hold your hand, missing valuable bits is highly likely. We do not want you missing out on those Achievements. Therefore, we have published our Marie’s Room Platinum Guide below to save you the trouble!

Marie’s Room Platinum

With the help of our Marie’s Room Platinum Guide, you will be able to unlock all the Achievements/Trophies in Marie’s Room. We have detailed every single Achievement/Trophy that you should be able to acquire.

Welcome Back Kelsey
As the description says, you just need to enter Marie’s Room for the first time for this achievement to pop up.

Words of Secrecy
You get this achievement after you have gained access to Marie’s laptop that has a password restriction. Simply input ‘shadow person’ to unlock the laptop and grab this trophy.

Cuteness Overload
This is for doing a particular task on Marie’s laptop. You will be required to view the cat gif titled kitty.gif on the desktop to unlock the achievement.

A Change of Heart
You managed to successfully unlock the case found under the nightstand beside the bed. The combination code for the case is 34951. We suggest this be your last activity since you will be restricted to outside the room after this.

Thereafter, you will definitely miss a chance on getting a hand on all the collectibles and interactions in the game.

Close Chapter
This is when you have finally completed Marie’s story by answering the phone ringing towards the end. You will then be required to grab the journal and proceed downstairs.

Every Word & The Complete Picture
You will need to interact, examine and inspect all objects in the game, be it outside Marie’s room or in. For a complete road-map on this, head to our Room Objects and Journal Entries Guide by heading over to the link.

This is all we have in our Marie’s Room Platinum Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!