Marie’s Room Objects and Journal Entries Guide – Every Word And The Complete Picture

Our Marie’s Room Objects and Journal Entries Guide is for gathering all the available info for a complete narrative experience and for unlocking two Achievements titled ‘Every Word’ and ‘The Complete Picture’.

Since this is an interactive game that gives you the freedom to play by your rules, there is a chance you can miss out on something. Thankfully our Marie’s Room Objects and Journal Entries Guide below will make sure you do not.

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Marie’s Room Objects and Journal Entries

When you have decided to play an interactive narrative-based game, you need to collect all the bits of information you can get to paint a complete picture. Not only is this satisfying in terms of narrative, but you also receive rewards including in-game goodies and achievements.

Marie’s Room is no exception, and we have highlighted below all the routes you need to take, all the interactions that need be done for 100% completion of the game. Before anything else, make sure you always rotate the objects to truly ‘interact’ with them.

Main Floor
Here you will be required to head downstairs to listen to a weather forecast and catch up on a wine guide. You will also come across two pictures, interact with them. Lastly, three doors exist in the area that needs to be unlocked/opened for interaction to happen.

Marie’s Room – Present
Get a nice look at the map present here. You would also need to interact with the postcard you can find in this room. Afterward, read Marie’s journal. You are allowed to skip through the monologue.

Marie’s Room – Past
Starting from the side of the bed, a journal entry is triggered upon interacting with Orange peels. Then proceed to read Marie’s almost empty journal and journal entry titled ‘Pillow’. Examine the case and interact with the phone. Proceed to interact with the shopping bags after which you will come across a Swimsuit’ journal entry.

The Bike Helmet and Name badge will pop up entries in the journal upon interaction. Interact with the ‘Green Eatery’ card you find here. Thereafter, you can search for the keys lying beside the door. Also, check the doormat for a new journal entry.

Next, read the takeout menu, make sure to read all pages. Search Kelsey’s Jacket’, her ‘Sparkly Shoes’ and T-shirt to bring up more journal entries. Interact with the pizza boxes and the smoking jar. After doing so, interact with a stone and then open a drawer to unlock two more journal entries.

Interact with Kelsey’s phone and turn on the TV. Pick up the Rubik’s Cube and rotate it. When you come across the Whiteboard, you unlock a new entry. Interact with the sheet of paper and the ring binder. Get a look and feel of the poster there in the room. After interacting with the bike basket, take a look at the picture and the ripped shirt to unlock three more journal entries here in the room.

Next, we have the laptop that you need to use for some tasks. Gain access to it via the password: ‘shadow person’. Get a look at the file kitty.gif and the two emails. Check the three tabs on the internet browser. Looking at the broken window behind the laptop, you unlock the next entry.

Turn the desk lamp on to interact with a notebook, open a drawer and the world map on the desk. Interact with the record player and the fan. Get a look at the sunglasses and rotate the beer bottle around. If you are having trouble, the bottle is found behind the curtains. Finally, search Kelsey’s backpack for the final journal entry here.

You get a code after you have read Marie’s journal in its entirety. Use the code ‘34951’ to unlock the case. After all of this, you will be rewarded with the achievement ‘The Complete Picture’.

Marie’s House – Present
As for the very end, answer the ringing phone, grab Marie’s journal and depart from the house for good. This is when the achievement ‘Every Word’ will be unlocked.

This is all we have in our Marie’s Room Objects and Journal Entries Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!