Kulve Taroth In Monster Hunter World Needs Up To 16 Players To Defeat

Hunting huge monsters has become a common thing since Monster Hunter World has come around and since then players have spent countless hours sharpening their skills. To make it even bigger, Capcom is bringing a new “shiny” dragon to feast upon by the name of Kulve Taroth.

As revealed by the company, Kulve Taroth is a part of a free update bringing siege quest to Monster Hunter World. For Taroth himself, players will have to form 4 man parties and assemble to take down the beast. That means up to 16 people in a single hunt, a single quest per se.

As the announcement on Capcom’s website, “as each hunting party collects more tracks and breaks off more parts from attacking Kulve Taroth, they’ll contribute progress to the same Siege. This new quest type is designed and balanced for multiplayer, so call up your Squadmates, or join up a dedicated Kulve Taroth lobby, and make sure to coordinate with other hunters if you want to earn the best rewards”.

Kulve Taroth himself, he is a majestic Elder Dragon, bathed in gold scales and a set of glorious gold horns. The looks don’t come cheap though as the gear you get from slaying Taroth has the same gold looks. The event starts off tomorrow so get your weapons ready to face the Elder Dragon head on.

The first instance of the Kulve Taroth Siege will start on April 18 at 5pm PT / April 19 at 1am BST, along with a second free content update, and will be live only for a limited time. Capcom states that the event will be back at a later date, however, information hasn’t been given out yet.

The last addition to Monster Hunter World, Deviljho has kept players busy up until now so that everyone’s thumps are ready for Kulve Taroth. Are you ready for the challenge?