Jason Momoa Would Love to Play Kratos in God of War Movie

While Jason Momoa is currently busy trying to protect his underwater kingdom from villainous forces in the upcoming standalone Aquaman adaptation, it should not be forgotten that the actor once levied an interest to become the ash-covered spartan Kratos from the stellar video game franchise, God of War.

Speaking with fans (via LADBible) during a Comic-Con event a few years back, Momoa was asked about his response if he was ever contacted for the titular role in a potential video game adaptation. He answered the question with a mighty “hell yeah” that should get some phones ringing at Sony.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no current plans in the foreseeable future to make God of War into a movie for the silver screen. This is perhaps in the best interest of the franchise. The in-game cinematics alone round up to become an entertaining and epic watch. Considering a live-action adaptation of a video game has mostly always turned out sour.

The new God of War installment is scheduled to release exclusively for PlayStation 4 on April 20, 2018. The setting has moved away from greek mythology since the original trilogy concluded and will now see Kratos pathing a new journey in the realm of the norse gods.

As for Momoa, his Aquaman project was previously reported to have received positive reactions from early test screenings held in February. The standalone debut for the character was praised by a select audience for not only featuring action-heavy sequences but also emotional content.

Aquaman is scheduled to open in theaters on December 21, 2018. The much-awaited trailer remains to be released by director James Wan.