Game Developers Taking On New IPs In The Multiverse

Every now and then, we see some unique Game Developers and franchise combination that turn out to be excellent. The most recent examples of this are the new SpiderMan game under development by Insomniac Games and the recent release of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Both these titles are great works done by the studios. Since SpiderMan is not out yet, the current progress on the game looks amazing and it looks like the game will be amazing.

Game Developers & New IPs

Here we have some unique developer and franchise combinations that we think will work out great. We have combined some of the best developers who have a solid command over a genre with some of the games from that similar genre which somehow turned grey due to their current developers.

We can only hope that these developers work on these beloved franchises to restore them to their former glory.

FromSoftware Taking on Souls Sacrifice

Souls Sacrifice is not an old franchise but a new one and it came exclusively on the PS Vita console, developed by Marvelous AQL and Japan Studio. The game’s concept was excellent but it failed to attract the players to itself primarily because of the platform it was released on and also some of the mechanics were too complex.

The game also did very less to explain them. Souls Sacrifice gave a very strong vibe of the Dark Souls universe with its dark atmosphere and weird, difficult boss fights.

Souls Sacrifice

This gives us the impression that if the FromSoftware develops a sequel to the first game, it will be a lot better than the original game and it will not be a commercial failure. FromSoftware will feel like home while working on Souls Sacrifice game as it fits their domain perfectly.

We all know FromSoftware from the Dark Souls franchise and we know how dedicated the team is when it comes to developing a video game. Since Dark Souls III was the last Dark Souls game, FromSoftware needs a new IP to work on. Perhaps they can look at Souls Sacrifice as a potential franchise to work on.

CD Projekt Red Taking on Mass Effect

CD Projekt Red is a well-known studio for the amazing The Witcher series. The Witcher is a critically acclaimed RPG franchise that has set the bar very high for modern role-playing games. Mass Effect was another stellar franchise from EA that started suffering from Mass Effect 3 and totally went haywire with Mass Effect: Andromeda.

We know that CDPR can create immersive open-world games and that Mass Effect: Andromeda suffered immensely in that department.

Mass Effect

If CDPR works on a new Mass Effect game, we think it will be one of the best things to ever happen to Mass Effect. We know that CDPR works with dedication and really look after a franchise even in late stages of the game.

Their expertise could really help put Mass Effect back on the track and give us a franchise that we loved until EA managed to ruin it. CDPR can put their open-world expertise to create the best Mass Effect world that we always wanted.

Rockstar Games Taking on Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is a great top-down GTA-inspired action game with an open-world and some very fun mechanics. A genre probably invented by Rockstar with GTA 1. Dennaton Games and Abstraction Games developed Hotline Miami’s first two installments.

Both titles were fun and great for pick up and play perspective. Open-world exploration, combat, and action coupled with a decent story made them good titles.

Hotline Miami

However, Rockstar Games is the pioneer of this genre and imagine Hotline Miami 3 developed by Rockstar. They can overhaul the game engine and make the world even more immersive with a deep inter-linked storyline.

GTA Chinatown Wars was a great top-down title and it showed what miracles Rockstar could still do with top-down games so we would love to see a Hotline Miami game developed by Rockstar Games.

Rocksteady Taking on Black Panther

Rocksteady Studios have been doing an excellent making Batman games for the past few years. It started with Batman: Arkham Asylum and until the last game in the franchise, Batman: Arkham Knight; the franchise was doing exceptionally well.

At this point, we have no future Batman games in sight, which means that Rocksteady can move to a new IP at this point. Black Panther was an amazing movie and we would love to see a video game based on the movie.

Black Panther

The developer that comes to our mind for a Black Panther game is no other than Rocksteady. In the history of gaming, no other developer has made super hero with consistent success like Rocksteady.

Rocksteady has shown that they can work on a closed environment superhero game like Arkham Asylum as well as the open world superhero games like Batman: Arkham City or Batman: Arkham Knight. Rocksteady also specializes in hand-to-hand combat that is the signature combat style for Black Panther thus making our case even stronger to choose Rocksteady for a Black Panther game.

Supermassive Games Taking on The Thing

The Thing was a classic movie in which an alien was discovered which could take control of other living beings and control them to his will. We would love to see a video game based on the movie but we do not want just any random studio working on it. For The Thing, we would love if Supermassive Games could work on it. Supermassive Games recently released Until Dawn.

Until Dawn was a stellar horror experience, in which the story tailored to the decisions that we took on certain points. It had multiple endings and you could have killed off the entire cast of the game.

The Thing

This is probably the only horror game that would allow you to kill off everyone in the game and still get an ending. We think that a classic such as The Thing deserves a good developer like Supermassive Games who can do a really good job in creating another horror masterpiece.

Let us know in the comments section below how you feel about these Game Developers working on some new franchises as mentioned above. Will they succeed in making amazing games or will they just end up making mediocre games like the current developers, do not forget to tell us your views below!