Don’t Believe Everything You Hear, Black Ops 4 May Still Feature a Campaign Mode

Both Polygon and Kotaku published articles that claimed Activision won’t be including a campaign mode to Black Ops 4. However, don’t believe everything you read just yet. The game may still feature a campaign, something that is different from the traditional way of doing things.

While both websites claim to have sources close to the game, we have become skeptical about just how “close” these sources are to the project. Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo, who published the Black Ops 4 article, commented on his own article saying that:

The Polygon article and some of our sources (ones we’ve heard from before and after our article was published) have left the door open for some sort of new co-op-centric experience possibly taking the place of the traditional solo campaign. While you could argue that that might just be the Black Ops 3 campaign all over again (it supported co-op), the vibe we’re getting from sources is that whatever it is, it’s different than the standard CoD campaign. One source was unsure if it wasn’t just the zombies mode being described as a campaign stand-in, others suggested it could be something new and distinct. Hard to say—we’ll know officially in about a month—but it does sound like this CoD has a better chance of being more structurally distinct from other games in the series.

Judging from the comment he made, it is pretty clear that even their sources aren’t sure of what’s going on with Black Ops 4 campaign, so at this point saying that is won’t feature a single-player mode is not a wise thing to do. It is possible that Treyarch is doing something different this year with its single-player mode, adding new features, new ways to tell a story etc.

Polygon’s article suggested that due to the lack of development time Treyarch had to sideline the story mode and focus on multiplayer and a possible battle royale mode. It is hard to believe as Treyarch had 3 years to develop the game, more than enough time for a studio of this scale; this isn’t their first time at the rodeo.

Quality single-player modes are what made Black Ops series stand out from what Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer brought forth over the years, scrapping this aspect seems highly unlikely so forgive us if we are skeptical of these “sources.”