Deadmau5 Game Is An Unreal Engine Shooter, In Alpha Testing Phaze

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, also known as Deadmau5 has recently streamed a video on his official Twitch channel. Turns out he is working on a game, an Unreal Engine Shooter, of his own.

Deadmou5 is one of the most popular DJ, musician, and composer, who has given us a library full of electronic music. Among his finest compositions are Strobe (2009) from the album “For Lack of a Better Name” and Raise your Weapon” from the album known as “4×4=12”.

Apparently, it seems like Deadmou5 is working on a game of his own. In his recent stream on Twitch, we can see his game in the play.

Although the game is in Alpha testing, as we can see in the video, plus he specifically Tweeted saying “mad early ‘alpha alpha’ testing”.

So one thing is for sure it will certainly be taking some time before we get to see what the famous DJ has in store for us.

Furthermore, he did add that it will probably take a least a year, so that’s that.

That being said, we can see in the clip, that this Deadmau5 Game is somewhat of an FPS game.

Adding to that he did say he and the team will be going for hitscan with almost every weapon they can get their hands on, aside from the sniper rifle, similar to Fortnite.

He also talked about his team which he is working with, on Reddit. Based on his word he is working with a team of five or six people who are really skilled developers.

About the game, he said that at the moment they are setting up some basic mechanics of the game and “trying to get the space together where they can test out the arena of sorts and spitball ideas.”

That being said, don’t get your hopes up yet, the game is still in the works. Although if there is one thing that could capture attention, it would definitely be the game’s audio, because he has certainly got that covered.