Boss Key Co-Funder Claims That Epic Games Hires Away His Employees Debunked

If you haven’t been keeping up with the industry inside conflicts then you might have missed Boss Key co-founder Cliff Bleszinski’s statement about Epic Games hiring away his employees. This claim has been later debunked by one of his employees with a moving post on Twitter.

The story was like this, Bleszinski has posted an accusation on Twitter, claiming that Epic Games is hiring away members of his team. While this looks like a harsh accusation, the argument has remained unchallenged for many days.

That’s where Boss Key ex-employee William McCarroll, who has left the studio for Epic Games in March, has came in to avenge their reputation. He claimed that they’re not commodities to be stolen and that this happened on will. He said:

“With all due respect, assuming that Epic is the one starting contact/poaching is a bit presumptuous. We all had our own reasons for making the choice to leave BKP for Epic, and to act like we are commodities being stolen is a bit hurtful. We are people first and foremost.”

There’s no response from Bleszinski yet so we might assume that this battle is lost, but what about the war itself? Boss Key has just released an 80s battle royale title named Radical Heights that has hit Steam a few days ago, giving more competition to Epic Games’ Fortnite. It’s still soon to say if Radical Heights will provide competition so to say, but having more titles in the genre is always a thing to look up to.

Steam users have already started nagging about its free-to-play character and whether or not it will be filled with pay-to-win material as a Founder’s Pack has been revealed containing a permanent 10% gold boost. Boss Key has replied to this saying that the boost is available only for the gold that you gain after the game but has later been removed altogether.