Birds of Prey Forces Suicide Squad 2 to Delay Filming – Report

The recent happenings for Birds of Prey are said to have caused quite a stir behind the scenes, and may end up pushing Suicide Squad 2 out of the production slate.

According to a statement passed by reporter Justin Kroll from Variety earlier today, Warner Bros. has decided to prioritize the upcoming spinoff adaptation above everything else. There are a few reasons why.

The finalized script from writer Christina Hodson left the studio extremely impressed, to the extent that she has been tasked with penning a script for Batgirl as well. Since the character is a major part of the Birds of Prey cast, Warner Bros. wants to run both projects side by side. This is so that Birds of Prey can introduce Batgirl in a critical manner before she is given her standalone debut later on.

Hence, Warner Bros. will likely shuffle the planned production schedule to make room for Birds of Prey. This means that Suicide Squad 2, which was supposed to begin production this fall, will be pushed back into 2019. The empty void will be then filled by Birds of Prey.

Birds of Prey will focus on an all-female cast of superheroes and supervillains. If the source materials offer any indication, the cast will feature the likes of Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Katana, Hawkgirl, and Harley Quinn — possibly reprised by Margot Robbie.

The spinoff remains without a release date but Suicide Squad 2 was slated to release in theaters in 2019. There is no telling whether the reported delay will have an impact on the release date or not.