We May Be Seeing State Of Decay 2 On Steam, Possibly Not Windows Store Exclusive

You might be able to play State of Decay 2 on Steam, according to the developers of the game, Undead Labs. The game was previously advertised as a Windows Store exclusive, fitting considering that it’s part of Xbox’s Xbox One Play Anywhere titles, but that exclusivity may not be entirely true.

As part of the Xbox One Play Anywhere program, State of Decay 2 would be able to be played on both the Xbox One and the PC without having to worry about starting over on either version, as your progress would be carried over between the two.

The previous State of Decay game came out on Steam originally alongside the Xbox 360 version, so Undead Labs might be going for a sense of continuity with the prospect of State of Decay 2, if we’re actually getting it. The evidence that we are, however, is quite compelling.

The hint came during a PAX East demo for the game, when two Undead Labs employees were showing off the game and encountered a Steam error that said that the game had failed to connect to Steam and wanted them to restart the game. While bugs happening during press demos aren’t really ever a good thing, it at least shows that Microsoft won’t get all the fun.

It will also help Undead Labs by putting it on a much more marketable game client. The Microsoft Store isn’t very popular, as some players of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare found out when they tried to play multiplayer, but putting the game on Steam as well will allow it to sell a lot more PC copies than it likely otherwise would.

Whether we’ll actually see State of Decay 2 on Steam will likely come with a final trailer, as the game is slated to be released on May 22 for the Xbox One and PC.