Watch Dogs 3 Is In Development, Says Ubisoft’s Computer Gaming Assistant

By   /   Apr 17, 2018
Watch Dogs 2 No Compromise

We’ll be seeing more of our favorite hacker organization at some point in the future, according to an inadvertent statement from Sam, Ubisoft’s helpful gamer app that is a part of the Ubisoft Club mobile app. The helper confirmed that Watch Dogs 3 is in development, but not finalized just yet.

There have been various little hints in UPlay that a third entry in the open-world adventure series was in the works, but up until now there hadn’t been any real indication that we would be getting a third game, despite how much better received Watch Dogs 2 was over the original Watch Dogs. However, now Sam, being the helpful little assistant he is, might have given us hope.

Specifically, Sam said that while Watch Dogs 3 wasn’t finished, the dev team was working very hard and that the latest build was very solid. He even said that he couldn’t wait to play it, which is probably something that a lot of other Watch Dogs fans can sympathize with.

There’s even the possibility that this is just a joke by Sam’s programmers, and no actual third Watch Dogs game is being created. Either way, we don’t have long to find out whether or not Ubisoft is actually making a game like it, since E3 comes in mid-June, and Ubisoft has its own conference.

Hopefully Ubisoft won’t disappoint us and will be revealing Watch Dogs 3 there, but considering that Watch Dogs 2 was announced two years after Watch Dogs released, and it’s only been around a year since Watch Dogs 2 was released, we might not get something just now.

Either way, even if the game isn’t in a state where it’s showable, hopefully Ubisoft is in fact working on a third Watch Dogs game, and hopefully it will be even better than Watch Dogs 2 was.

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