Tropico 6 Will Feature “Fully Simulated Tropicans” According To Senior Designer

The Tropico franchise is one of those simulation series of games that you have to try once in your life. The new addition, Tropico 6 is said to feature “fully simulated” tropicans that will enhance gameplay and put another grain of difficulty to it.

In a talk with Polygon, Johannes Pfeiffer, a senior content designer with Limbic Entertainment said that every citizen you have in your republic in Tropico 6 will have his “own life, goals and expectations” which will feel more like a real simulation of a presidential democracy. He stated:

“Where we looked at the strong points of the game, one was the feeling of having the Tropicans as a part of your empire, and how they enjoy or don’t enjoy living in your banana republic. We wanted to make it comprehensible to the player what they are up to, how they feel, how they work and what they’re up to there. It may be a trickier approach, but a lot of our community was asking for this, and we wanted to follow through”

As it seems, players wanted that extra pinch of simulation and that’s what drove the studio to the decision. Everything in Tropico 6 will have a meaning, from what facilities are available to how far away they are from each other and so on. As Pfeiffer revealed:

“The Tropicans will now have a memory of what’s available to them, and what’s within reach. It not only helps with visually shaping the city and making it more interesting, it also benefits the Tropican individually, in a comprehensible outcome.”

Furthermore, Tropico 6 will feature facilities that will create new opportunities such as imprisonment facilities that will keep citizens from being hateful of El Presidente. As it seems, Tropico 6 will be bigger and more interactive as any previous addition to the franchise.

Tropico 6 still has no specific release window but its stated for release this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.