Only Robert Downey Jr. Can Be Iron Man, Weighs Avengers: Infinity War Director

There are several looming questions that fans want answered as soon as possible for Avengers: Infinity War, the most prominent of them being the identity of the one major character that is poised to perish. There have been several theories and speculations in this regard, and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) continues to come up with a rather short mortality rate.

It should be noted that the actor has not officially confirmed to be hanging his armor just yet. However, after reprising the role for the past ten years, there is a strong possibility that Downey might finally make an exit from the superhero niche. The same intent has already been expressed by Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in recent months and hence, carries weight.

In the event that Downey does die in Avengers: Infinity War or the Avengers 4 sequel, will Marvel Studios wrap up Iron Man or find a replacement? Speaking with Hindustan Times in a recent interview, co-director Joe Russo made it clear that no one else is fit to wear the suit.

“There is nobody who can take over Iron Man from Robert,” said Russo. “I don’t think the audience would accept that. He never mentioned to us about leaving ‘Iron Man’, but it will happen at some point of time.

“He can’t play the character forever. I am sure there are lots other things he wants to do in his career. But he loves playing the character, I know that, and we love working together. We will see where it goes from here.”

There have been several different Iron Man iterations in the comic books. There is, of course, War Machine, and then there is the most recent one in the form of Ironheart — a 15-year-old girl endorsed by Tony Stark. Perhaps Marvel Studios could give one of them a try in the future.

Avengers: Infinity War will open in theaters on April 27, 2018. The untitled sequel, presently dubbed Avengers 4, is slated to premiere on May 3, 2019.