PUBG Savage Map Comes With a Smart Blue Zone

PUBG’s new map, codename Savage is back for the second round of testing after the first one which took place earlier. PUBG corp has made several changes to the map such as locations, decreased red zone and real-time weather and has made some tweaks to the well known blue zone.

The first change is that the new PUBG map is closely compacted in distance because new areas have been added. Three new areas are Banyan Grove in the middle of the island, Abandoned Quarry in the middle of islandĀ and Dock at the southeastĀ side of the island. You’ll find two big ships and a crane at the dock.

Redzone will be much smaller will last for less time. On the other side blue zone will be depending on the number of players left in the game and will calculate accordingly. That’s all shared in the patch notes nothing much about it in details.

There will be less boat spawns overall but if you are in a town near the sea you will often see them. Fixes have been made in various expects of the game like issues with footsteps, sound effects, and the weather is now real time which stayed the same throughout the match before.

The bug fixes mentioned on the site include:

  • Fixed an issue causing boats to not consume gas while driving.
  • Fixed an issue causing Savage’s world map and minimap to look blurry.
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes prevented players from moving immediately after using the item quantity pop up menu.
  • Fixed an issue causing the minimap to show as blank when viewing the Death Cam.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to take no damage when exiting a moving vehicle.
  • Killer Spectating mode now works properly even when the killer died shortly after killing the viewing player.
  • The camera should now function properly after players are knocked out by fall damage.
  • Fixed an issue causing the blood effect to not up properly when shooting other players.

If you want to be a part of Savage map testing then you can register yourself here and the testing window for the map runs from April 16-18.

If you are having a hard time surviving or finding loot on the new savage map then do check out our guide here which will make everything easier for you.