New Nintendo Patent Addresses Separate Screens Communicating

A new Nintendo patent has been revealed that shows off two screens having the ability to share information with one another in order to open up new gameplay experiences, in a similar manner to the touch screen system of the Nintendo 3DS and its predecessors, but apparently for the Switch instead.

Even if it isn’t for the Switch, the new Nintendo patent is still a pretty big leap for touch-screen technology, considering that one of the diagrams shows that the screens are able to keep track of someone moving a finger off of one screen and onto the other with apparently no discrepancy.

Whether that’s a concept or something that’s actually able to happen remains to be seen, but it can’t be too much of a leap considering the company’s past experience with its handheld devices, which have had touch screens and dual screens for years ever since the Nintendo DS first arrived in 2004.

Both screens managing to retain the same data can also lead to a lot of other potential, such as rolling a ball down a hill in-game, with the momentum coming from tipping both screens so that the ball doesn’t have to stop rolling.

While this sort of thing would likely be limited to just a few games in the future when this new Nintendo patent comes out, it’s still an important step in video game technology to be able to have things like that remain constant across two different screens.

What makes the new Nintendo patent even more interesting is that the patent isn’t limited to two different screens, either. There’s also an image that shows three screens being used for the same purpose, which could be very useful in multiplayer scenarios that are not limited to just two players.

This could end up being an entirely new device, possibly a new console that’s aimed at several years in the future towards the next console generation. Similar patents were surfacing several years before the Nintendo Switch was announced, such as its detachable controllers.

There’s no telling when this new device will come out, but we’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo does with it.