Monster Hunter: World Mega Man Palico Set Guide – Farm Mega Man Tickets, Mega Buster Weapon

The Monster Hunter: World Mega Man Palico Set Guide below is for unlocking the latest Mega Man Palico Set in Monster Hunter: World. Since you can only get the Palico Set for a limited time only, you need to hurry up and follow the tips below to get the set for our beloved Blue Bomber in no time at all.

Monster Hunter: World Mega Man Palico Set

To hype up the Spring Blossom Event for Capcom’s Monster Hunter World, hunters will be delighted to know a new unlockable character set is heading to them.

Live now, the character will be up for unlocking until Apr. 26. To acquire the quest A Rush of Blood, you are required to be of Hunter Level 13 or more.

The quest will task you with Hunting Down two Odogarons, a small one and a large one found in the Arena. We recommend heading to the area with the Astera Jerky equipped for ease. Of course, without a doubt, the game is meant to be played cooperatively, so teaming up will not hurt.

Being a hot quest right now, you will find many players looking for an alliance to take down those monsters. Furthermore, make sure to carve out the Odogarons after you have taken them down.

As a reward, you will receive a Mega Man Ticket. You can either use the ticket to obtain the Iconic Mega Buster Weapon for your character or the Palico Set.

However, do note that the iconic Mega Buster Weapon, you will require you to collect x2 Mega Man Tickets. As for the Palico Set for Mega Man, you will need x3 Mega Man Tickets. Therefore, if you wish to acquire both the items, you will need to hunt Odogarons quite a few times.

Farm these x5 Mega Man Tickets and head to Smithy in Astera. Here, you will need to choose the ‘Forge Palico Equipment’ option in order to create the armor or weapon – whatever you desire. Head into the shoes of the iconic Blue Bomber and traverse the land ridding it of monsters.

This is all we have in our Monster Hunter: World Mega Man Palico Set Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!