Halo Online Mod Update ElDewrito 0.6 Rolling Out This Week

For those who had forgotten how theĀ Halo Online felt like, well you are in total luck. A new Halo Online Mod Update is on its way and is scheduled to roll out this week.

The last Halo Online Mod we can remember was the “ElDewrito 0.5” which was assumed to be the last major release of Halo Online-enabling mod, as denoted by the original development team.

Turns out it was not the last major release, maybe perhaps this could be. The current mod team recently announced that ElDewrito 0.6 version will be rolling out on April 20.

Halo Online for many is perhaps an ill-fated game, which is a free-to-play Russian game, based on Halo 3’s multiplayer.

That being said, although, this mod pretty much restores the original functionality of the game, with a lot of various improvements alongside. If you are or have been a Halo fan then you probably know that the official game is dead.

Some of the improvements include; server browser, stat tracking, servers for both ranked as well as social play and many other improvements.

If you are a bit skeptical about the news then you can see the official trailer for yourself. One thing is for sure it is definitely Halo on PC, which is all the more reason to be excited.


This upcoming Halo Online Mod Update promises to add some gameplay improvements and vast expansion for Forge mode.

So this could prove to be a breather for Microsoft, as there just might be a change that Halo rebirths in the hearts of the gamers.

That said if you want to keep yourself updated then you can head over to Halo Online subreddit.