God Of War PS4 Pre Loading Has Begun Today, Unlock Times Also Revealed

The most hyped game which launches in about 3 days has been reviewed and the game is perhaps the highest rated PS4 exclusive of all times. Keeping that in mind you will be glad to know that God Of War PS4 Pre Loading was scheduled to begin on 17th of April and that it has.

Along with it the times when the game will be available to play also have been revealed. So first of all if you have already pre-ordered the game, then you can Pre-load the game.This news came from the PlayStation Network in the United States.

The game is scheduled to go live at 12 AM ET on April 20th on the PlayStation Store. While rest of the world will play the game on 20th of April, those on the West Coast will be able to play it at 9 PM PT, April 19th.

This date also applies to Europe and Australia, though expected times for these two regions have not been provided.

You may already know how this pre-load system works, if you pre-load the game it will be available to play immediately after going live so it’s something a fan would really enjoy.

That being said, you might have heard about the retail copy leaks of the game and that some lucky ones have had the chance to play the game days before its official release.

Based on their word, it seems like the God Of War’s playtime is somewhat 19 hours long and furthermore, they have added that you won’t have fun if you play straight for the main story.

For now, you need not worry about that, what you need to do is focus on the God Of War PS4 Pre Loading and prep it up for once in a lifetime experience.

God Of War is a PS4 exclusive developed by Santa Monica Studios, scheduled to roll out on 20th of April.