Casey Hudson Says Bioware’s Anthem Will Be Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Played

Casey Hudson has apparently gone on the record saying that Bioware’s Anthem game will be unlike anything we’ve ever played before, speaking of the studio’s upcoming shared-world like game that was announced at E3 2017. Anthem, however, still has a lot to prove before it tries to back that claim up.

Anthem was first announced at E3 2017 as an upcoming game from BioWare, apparently EA’s answer to Ubisoft and Activision having The Division and the Destiny series. Instead of guns and magic powers, however, Anthem is going for special suits of power armor called Javelins, which can fly, shoot missiles, and any number of other things.

However, the game has been criticized and subsequently forgotten most of the time for not really appearing to do anything unique with the formula; players still gather up in groups to go outside the city and do quests, and humanity is down to a single fortified city with an elite few chosen to be able to go outside of its walls.

While there are hints that there’s something new with Bioware’s Anthem, until the studio can actually show the game doing cool stuff that hasn’t been seen in other games before, Casey Hudson is going to have a hard time backing up his boasts. However, he has also said that if they do it right, it will be a distinctly Bioware game.

Considering the huge loss in confidence in BioWare after the reveal of Anthem, the lack of any new news on a Dragon Age game, and the poor performance of Mass Effect Andromeda (all of this combining to lead to worries that the studio will be killed by EA soon the way they killed Visceral), BioWare needs to pull off a good game with Anthem.

BioWare’s Anthem still doesn’t have an actual release date, but will hopefully be getting one sometime this year, hopefully.