Undead Labs Talk About State Of Decay 2’s Generating Enemies, Loots, Materials And Much More

Every fan of State Of Decay knows that the open world of the game is pretty huge and a lot of work is being done on it. All the while, developing an open world is half of the job. The real problem begins when you have to put life in that open world, especially when its State Of Decay 2.

On that note, courtesy of “gamasutra” we have an insight, how the developers tackled such a horrendous task.

According to the State Of Decay 2’s system designer, the loot in the game has been distributed utilizing few different procedural systems.

Each system serves its own distinct purpose. That said, containers, where loot can be populated, are placed by hand. Although loot drops are not placed by hand, in fact, that is a random mechanism.

According to Undead Labs, rather than using random odds, they use a deck of cards style to ensure the balance in the long-term economy

Adding to that, every location has a specific quota of weapons availability and additional loots are distributed in the multiplayer version of the game, which is not available in the single player version.

Coming to the game’s narrative progression, the clockwork population system plays an important role.

Moving on to the enemies, State of Decay 2’s gameplay engineer, Jason Hail explained how the zombie population in the game works.

The developers have several various types of systems that contribute to the ambient zombie population in the game. The biggest one among these systems is the Ambient Population Manager. This system has evolved with the passage of time.

Another most powerful tool according to the gameplay engineers built into the Unreal is known as EQS.

Since full fledged zombies do not exist everywhere in the open world at all times, the team perceived it as a waste of time and resources.

For that reason, they only decided to spawn zombies as the player moves in the new unpopulated area, or perhaps kill existing zombies at his location.

One of the team’s world builders, Josiah Colborn added that most of the developers have been very much inspired by the open world game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild game, lets the players explore short distances and still be able to find something that proves to be worth a while.

A lot of more details regarding the State Of Decay 2’s enemies, places, materials and much more have been made available to you.

Furthermore, if you want to know even more about the game, you can check out the game’s gameplay video to have more insight on its character selection, combat and much more.

State Of Decay 2 is scheduled to roll out on May 22, exclusively on Xbox and Windows.