The Upcoming Pokemon Switch Will Be Eighth Generation, Official Nintendo Magazine Confirms

At the moment everyone knows too little about the upcoming games on Nintendo Switch. We are not even sure what games will be revealed during E3 even. Although an Official Nintendo Magazine has somewhat given confirmation that the next Pokemon games for Switch will take a dive into the 8th generation.

Which is a pretty big leap, but one that will certainly pay off well. The Magazine is an official Mexican Nintendo Magazine.

That said, while we know that the expected Pokemon Games for Switch are some time away and as mention before, we are not sure what revealed will be made during E3.

It is a perfect time for this news to come out. We came to know about this news from a recent post on Reddit. That showcased an image of the Nintendo Magazine shedding light on the upcoming Pokemon games for Switch.

The Post was made by “Kratomlol” which links to a Twitter post by Ahnabella, who took those images of the official Nintendo Magzine.

Upon translating the Pokemon featured text on the Official Nintendo Magazine we find that, Nintendo has aimed to transit into future of the games.

According to them, they have spent a lifetime with portable consoles and canonical pokemon and now they think is the perfect time to take a leap by taking it to the eighth generation.

Game Freak and The Pokemon Company are considering and rethinking on the Pokemon and will be bringing new mechanics to the eighth generation pokemon.

It’s not the first time we are hearing about the eighth generation Pokemon, a little while back we have had a few leaks that pretty much suggested this. Be that as it may, the games shall roll out in 2018 or sometime later.

Even though this news comes from the Official Nintendo Magazine but it would not be the first time if this news is deemed as an error. In the past, the same Magazine has made mistakes of such kind.

So at the moment, let us wait a little more, and we would recommend you to take this news with a pinch of salt until Nintendo or The Pokémon Company confirm this.