Sega Genesis Mini Announced, Will Be Rolling Out In 2018

To celebrate the upcoming 30th-anniversary, SEGA revealed at Sega Fes 2018 that they are bringing the new 16-bit Sega Genesis mini or called the Sega Mega Drive mini into the console market following Nintendo bringing its classic consoles like NES Classic and SNES Classic.

As Sega of Japan has announced it will be called Sega Genesis mini or Mega Drive Mini. Mega Drive Mini will be released first in Japan and then in the US and other regions.

People can still find clones of Sega’s retro consoles in the market but this is the first time Sega has released something new related to gaming hardware since the days of the Dreamcast.

The official tweet can be seen above and it reads

30th anniversary of “MegaDrive” birth!
“MegaDrive Mini” (provisional name) Decided to be released in 2018!

A lot of memorable masterpieces games can be enjoyed with this one! # Sega Hex # Mega Drive # Mega Drive 30th Anniversary

Sega famously left the gaming hardware business after the failure of the Sega Dreamcast back in 2001. Since then no console has been released by sega until the announcement of Mega Drive Mini.

By Looking at the retro console in the tweet, it looks small enough to accept classic Genesis cartridges.

It might be that Sega is still working on the final design and making changes to it. So it’s not confirmed whether it will feature old cartridges or not, also these cartridges are very hard to find these days.

There is a chance that Sega might create a console which will come with pre-installed games, download new games along with the ability to play old cartridges. This will give Sega a huge advantage over Nintendo in terms of features.

In related news, Sega is also bringing 15 SEGA Ages titles to Nintendo Switch later this year.

We don’t know much about the new upcoming console yet, however, the AtGames which made the previous version of the console revealed that the product is in the works and will be released soon in a Tweet which recently got deleted. Maybe Sega wants this to remain a secret, we will know more about it in the future.