Potato Clan Guide – Villagers, Farming, Goddesses, Potato Army

The Potato Clan Guide is meant to provide a detailed understanding of the things that go into play for unlocking characters, winning battles, and other features of the game. Our Potato Clan Guide will help you get the edge when it comes to battle or outside of it.

Potato Clan Guide

In the latest retro-game to hit the Android and iOS stores, you will be pitted against all types of beasts in a strange, wild, and fun world. Your army of potatoes, you heard that right, will lead you to victory but only if the leader can serve rightly. The Potato Clan Tips below will help you grasp the core concepts of the game and help improve your overall playstyle of it.

Potato Clan Guide


These are special allies you can utilize in the heat of the battle to unleash devastating effects. Since they come with unique skills, you can quickly change the tide of battle with the introduction of one of them. For this purpose, it is most advisable to earn Faith so you can level up these Goddesses and boost their stats.


While in the midst of battle or otherwise, you will encounter the common folk. These villagers will have various icons on their heads. Tapping those icons will reward you with Faith that you can use to upgrade Goddesses as mentioned above.


Tapping the ‘Bag’ icon next to the ‘Fight’ one, you will notice an inventory opens up. You can use the items or resources from it to farm many plants.

After you have planted the seeds, wait a while to come back again and cultivate them. You will be surprised at the rewards as you receive some goodies that are definitely worth it.

Army of Potatoes

Since this game has most to do with battle than anything else, you will want to get every chance you get at upgrading your army. The playable units can be chosen from one of these categories: Warriors, Ranged, and Mages.

Since each potato in your army will be having different stats in different attributes, you would want to make sure you are leveling up the right ones e.g. you may want to upgrade only those potatoes to Warriors that already have a high damage output and HP.

After you are done with the upgrades, it will be time to organize your army before it heads into battle. This pertains to how you set up different types of units based on their stats.

The ideal strategy is to pit the solid tanks with high health up front, and a couple of ranged units behind followed by a healer. This would ensure a stable arrangement of troops for maximum benefits in the overall result.

This is all we have in our Potato Clan Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!