There Is No Shame In Playing Video Games On Easy Difficulty

The current generation of video games is well-known for going too easy on the players. Apart from a few franchises such as Dark Souls or the recent indie title Cuphead, a few games really test the resilience and patience of the players.

Most of the games facilitate players to clear certain stages with frequent checkpoints and the ability to lower the difficulty down to the level where it starts to feel more like a movie instead of a video game.

If we go back in the history of video games, the video games of the past were brutal. There were no checkpoints, players had to defeat immensely difficult bosses and clear levels that now seem impossible to us.

Early on, we had no options to save our progress either so if we had to complete our games, we had to sit through it the entire time without shutting down the console.

Manus, Father of the Abyss from Dark Souls
Now a day, we have many features on our consoles and games that we take for granted. Players did not have multiple difficulty settings back in the day. Players had to take special measures just to do things, which we do not even have to worry about now.

Now we have many difficulty settings that allow gamers of every level to try out a game.

Back in the day, games were difficult and had limited lives. They had very high difficulty making them only playable by dedicated players. Now games are much easier and they can cater to a wide range of audience.

Even then, some of the players like to play these games on Easy difficulty. The inclusion of ‘Easy’ difficulty in modern games is by no means a way to insult the gamer.

There have been many debates in the past that players who play games on easy difficulty are noobs and they are not good at games, however; there are many reasons by which players choose to play on easy difficulty. One of the most common reason being lack of time.

A person who has a job and comes home to do work chores has very little time for video games in his life. If he is a fan of video games, he will have a very small window during which he can play a game to enjoy it and make some progress in it.

If the game is extremely hard and the player is stuck on a boss with no way out, the game is over for him. He does not have enough time to play the same boss fight everyday only to be beaten up and make zero progress for the entire weekend that he planned to play his favorite video game. If the game has a difficulty setting, he can lower the difficulty, beat the boss, and continue with the game.

Beppi, the Clown from Cuphead
Some players also tend to start at a lower difficulty if they are new to a game just to get the hang of it. Once they have mastered the game controls, they increase the difficulty to make the game come to the optimum challenge level for them.

Some players, who tend to go for games that are focused heavily around stories, play the game on easy, and then play the game again on a higher difficulty to give themselves a challenge.

Therefore, we would like to say here that there is no shame in playing video games on easy difficulty. If you are one of those players who likes to just sit back and enjoy a video game without a challenge, there is nothing wrong with you.

Every player has their own personal preferences when it comes to playing video games. Not every player wants to brag about his or her kill streaks or how much less time, they took to complete a specific boss fight. It is good for them but for the world, it does not matter.

It just makes the gaming community look bad and increases gaps between potential gaming partners when one of them keeps bragging about the Dark Souls boss that he beat last night while the other one completed a level in Super Mario Odyssey at his own pace.

Sometimes the game developers also tend to make fun of gamers playing at easy difficulty, which is not a health activity to do. Although it looks funny but in reality, they are just pointing out players themselves for the online community to make fun of. Many games tend to do this even if they are developed by AAA companies.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Twisted Metal 2 was a great game and it really improved everything from the original Twisted Metal, however, if you started the campaign on Easy Mode, it would end after the first boss fight saying ‘No Losers allowed Beyond this Point’ thus forcing the players to play on Medium/Hard difficulty to advance in the game.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain made fun of players dying again and again by giving them a chicken hat and cutting their final mission scores. In Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, if you would choose the easiest difficulty, your player icon would turn to the game’s protagonist wearing a baby bonnet sucking on a pacifier.

Cuphead offered two difficulty levels i.e. Simple and Regular. In order to complete the game, you must defeat all bosses on regular difficulty as playing on simple will not allow you to advance in the game.

Even when developers jump on the bandwagon of making fun of players playing their games on easy difficulty, it is not an easy job to convince players that if they play on easy, they are not from outside this world. Every player has their own skill level, mindset, and aims for playing a game.

Flash from StarCraft: Brood War
Image Courtesy: Team Liquid

Not all players play games to glorify themselves in front of others. If you are enjoying the game at your own pace then nothing else matters. If you are so scared of the online community and people making fun of playing the game on easy then just, try the game on a level higher difficulty.

We are not suggesting that you jump straight to the highest difficulty, try increasing difficulty by one level, experience the game, and if it is fine then continue otherwise reduce back to the previous difficulty setting. Not everyone has time to retry the same boss battle 10th time.

In short, the gaming community is full of players belonging to different skill levels and competencies. Some excel in a certain genre while some will totally fail in that genre. This diversity is what makes the gaming community so special.

In the end, we are all gamers playing video games no matter what the game and difficulty. Therefore, there is no shame in playing video games on easy difficulty.

Let us know in the comments section below which difficulty setting do you play games on and which game genres are easiest for you to play!