RPCS3 Emulator Brings Improvements For God Of War 3, Army Of Two And More Games

Exclusives are the bread and butter of consoles as they are the main selling point for a console, however, this means that PC gamers can’t enjoy these games on their high-end systems but that might change with RPCS3 Emulator which is now capable of running God Of War 3, Army Of Two and Skate 2 and more games on PC.

The team behind the RPCS3 Emulator has shared a new video showcasing improvements for God Of War 3, Army of Two and Skate 2 and more game running on PC using the emulator.

According to the team, kd-11 is the one that improved the RPCS3’s Z-curve implementation which resulted in color improvements for FIFA along with the improvements seen in the video below.

Furthermore, the team noted that Jarveson fixed the exploding vertices in many games running using the RPCS3 emulator. While the emulator does bring improvements but, not every game can be played at an acceptable FPS like the God of War 3 which is evident in the video.

One of our long-time contributors, Jarveson, fixed exploding vertices in many games by correctly accounting for requested base index when calculating index offsets, now there is only a handful of games remaining with this issue.

Recently, the team shared a couple of videos showcasing Red Dead Redemption and The Last Of Us running on PC, however, the games are almost unplayable due to awfully low FPS and glitches.

But, in the latest video, the team noted that improvements will be coming and also teased at the end of the video that they won’t be leaving out The Last Of Us.

Since Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games do not plan to release their games on PC, we hope that with the help of this emulator we can play these games on PC at an acceptable framerate.

Speaking of The Last of Us, Naughty Dog is working on the sequel which was revealed back in 2016. According to game director Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us Part 2 is inspired by a Netflix original show.

What do you think of console exclusives running on PC using the RPCS3 Emulator? Let us know in the comments.