Battlefield 5 Trailer is Already on the Chopping Board

Battlefield 5 is going to be announced at EA PLAY this year and while the event is still a couple of months away, the trailer is already on the chopping board. According to a Tweet by Randy Evans, Battlefield 5 trailer is currently being edited by him.

A brief teaser is expected in the next few weeks but a full reveal won’t happen before EA PLAY.

Battlefield 5 is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, hopefully, later this year. There are many rumors and speculations surrounding the setting of the game and many believe that it is going to be set in World War 2.

It would be an odd choice considering we just had Battlefield 1 set in World War 1. According to a recent leak, Battlefield 5 is going to follow a similar pattern to that of Battlefield 1. The single-player campaign will follow multiple characters, telling the story from different perspectives including the Germans.

The multiplayer will remain pretty much the same as well featuring modes like Conquest, Frontlines, Team Death Match, and more that appeared in Battlefield 1. It has also been confirmed that the next game won’t feature Battlefront 2 like in-game purchases so those concerned should rest assured.

As for EA PLAY, the event will be held in LA in June:

The annual three-day event will be held from June 9-11 at the Hollywood Palladium, and live to the world on The massive, free EA PLAY FanFest will feature hands-on gaming stations, demos, live music and more, while a networked experience will connect online players with their favorite games, content creators and each other.

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