Asus Arez RX Series Of AMD Radeon Graphics Cards Spotted, Previous Generation Cards To Be Rebranded As Well

We heard previously that the Asus Arez RX Series was going to be launched and here we have another sighting that gives us the same hints. This one comes from a Twitter user that linked back to the official Asus site but it seems that the information has now been taken down. This is the internet and there is very little that can be kept a secret.

This confirms that the Arez branding will not come from the Republic of Gamers branding. It will be another brand on its own called Arez Strix. This division in branding could be because of the GeForce Partners Program that we talked about earlier but there is no way of knowing for sure at this point and I would not point fingers till the picture is clear. The Twitter user was kind enough to share the following.

We can see that the Asus Arez RX branding not only applies to the current AMD RX 500 series and Vega series graphics cards but previous generation graphics cards as well. It will be interesting to learn by Asus has taken this route and why there is a need for the Asus Arez RX branding to start with. It is safe to say that if the GPP has something to do with all this then it will surface sooner or later.

For more news regarding GPP and Asus Arez RX branding stay tuned to SegmentNext. ASRock has also entered into the GPU space and you can check out their Phantom series of AMD graphics cards by clicking here. These are available for pre-order as of right now.

Asus Arez RX

Let us know what you think about the new Asus Arez RX branding and whether or not you agree with how the situation is being handled. Do you think things could have been different?