15 SEGA Ages Titles Coming To Nintendo Switch This Summer

Yes, you have read the title correctly, SEGA has recently announced that it will be bringing more than 15 of their, classic SEGA Ages titles on Nintendo Switch.

The announcement was made at the Sega FES 2018 in Tokyo where it was confirmed that they will be bringing their Sega Ages labels On Nintendo Switch eShop globally.

Included in those 15 Sega Ages title are the games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, and Thunder Force IV. These Sega Ages title will certainly roll out sometime later this year, preferably summer.

At the moment we do not know about the pricing of these 15 titles so as soon as we hear something regarding the upcoming titles, we will let you guys know.

That said, M2 will be handling the porting of these upcoming games, so this is really a good news. Since M2 has a really good reputation for handling emulation of the re-released games especially with the Sega Ages title.

Those who have enjoyed the SEGA Ages releases over the years either on PS2 or the most recent 3DS entries, they certainly know that M2 never ceases to disappoint.

That said, as you may have observed that Narrative games seem to be growing these days and it appears to be that the company has set its aim for such type of games now.

Recently, we came reported that Sega will be working with the Heavy Rain lead designer Caroline Marchal on new narrative games.

Talking about teaming up, Sega has also announced its partnership with Retro-Bit in order to manufacture classic peripherals and accessories. Although it seems like this partnership might be to manufacture a Sega Retro console.

Assuming that is the case, it would be really exciting, that the company is bringing a retro console in the market. At the moment though we are not completely sure what they have apparently partnered up for.

So as soon as we hear any more news regarding either this partnership or those upcoming titles, we will let you guys know.