Leaked: Spiderman PS4 Getting Avenger: Infinity Wars Iron Suit For Spidey As Pre Order Bonus

Recently a leaked video appeared on the official PlayStation’s Youtube channel which revealed that the Iron Spider-man suit from Avengers: Infinity War is coming to the PS4 exclusive Spiderman game.

This special suit was made by Tony Stark for Peter Parker after he joined the Avengers. A video was also leaked by @MarvelousReal on Twitter, both videos have been deleted from their platforms but has given us what we wanted. People have already taken screenshots before they deleted the Tweet.

First, when the pre-orders were announced for the game only one Spidey Punk suit was announced until this new leak came giving us another suit reveal.

As InSomniac has removed the evidence from both Twitter and Youtube there is no confirmation yet by the studio but this collaboration with Avengers was quite expected. The Spiderman is releasing in the same year as the new Avengers so what else we would expect to not happen.

We will soon have a closer look at this suit when the Avenger: Infinity War releases at the end of this month. Spiderman is looking great we recently got to see the trailer for the game with new information. Spidey is seen swinging around from buildings to building with face pace showing the quickness of Spidey which Insomniac aims to deliver in the game.

Insomnia has told us that the game is so much bigger than their previous games like Sunset Overdrive and it will never come to Xbox which is clearly told by the game director.

This suit design is based on the upcoming movie not from the comics if anyone of you is still wondering.

You can get instant access to the suit of you pre-order the game right now along with Spider Punk costume and one more suit is yet to be revealed by Insomniac which might have a look as we get near to the release. However, you can still unlock these costumes by playing the game normally.

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